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Prerequisite to this discussion is to read the founding document on Time Travel downloadable in PDF :

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Can I introduce James Shadbolt, the world's foremost authority on
automated trading systems. If you are going to follow an idea like this,
best surround yourself with high intelligent people who will stop us from
getting laughed out of town by the skeptics. I have known James for over30
years and can vouch for him as being of upstanding character and of
exceptional mental capacity.

James is based in Milton Keynes UK and has worked extensively in
forecasting and trading in financial markets. He has also been a mentor to
me in developing my quasi understanding of Time Series Analysis, Quantum
Physics and Relativity. James will be a vital component in turning the
Signal from the future into covered Cash trades. He is the ideal skeptic to
dismiss the idea.

I have not spoken to James for about two years. When I sent the founding
document to James yesterday, this was his comment.

I love it! But if you can only send messages a few seconds 'cos the earth
moves, the how is Phil-in-the-future who has the big pot of cash going to
get the messages back?
> Jimmy here is my answer
> In all honesty I cannot tell you if Time Travel is possible now or in the
> future or over what distance in Space time and with what accuracy this will
> be achievable. I certainly don't relish the idea of having to build a Time
> Machine myself. I simply don't have the mathematical ability to analyse the
> problem. Because there is no evidence of visible effects, I can say with a
> great deal of confidence that to date it has not been done.
> I also can't comment authoritatively on the future prospects of building a
> Time Machine. As much as people would like to believe otherwise of me, the
> truth is I cannot see the future. What I can do, is extrapolate my past
> experience and data. My past experience tells me that physics is a dynamic
> subject and can easily be turned upside down. It is thus out of the
> question to reject the possibility of Time Travel. My academic training as
> an econometrician tells me that the cost benefit analysis of rejecting the
> idea out of hand and finding out later that the Howard Hughes or Thomas
> Edison managed it (a type 2 error), does not make financial sense. We have
> little beyond our reputations to lose and Billions to gain. Fortune favors
> the bold.
> I simply don't know how Phil-of-the-future is going to send us the
> signals. However, what should be eminently doable is to build a screen or a
> detector today that can receive a signal from the future. Then if we
> publish the GPS coordinates of our receiver and all the protocols required,
> given that Phil-of-the-future can solve the Time Travel problem he will be
> able to send us messages and bounce them onto our receiver."Hi Buddy -
> Tommorrows Dow Jones Stock price is going to go up 200 Points - Buy - say
> hello to my old man" then without screwing with the Grandfather Paradox, we
> should be able to dip into the markets and extract a few Million Dollars
> without anyone's ancestor getting killed.
> In an ideal world, putting up the receiver and publishing the protocols
> should almost be a riskless business. It may be possible for
> Phil-of-the-future to "long shot" Time Travel and direct the exit point to
> a precise target. In this case as long as we put the financial structure to
> motivate Phil to do it (promise him a cut of the profits), the screen
> should light up with messages almost instantaneously! This would save us
> the bother of having to build a Time Machine oursleves. Does everybody get
> that bit?
> Now let us exersise some caution. Say that Time Travel is only able to
> "Short Shot" messages, then by the time Phil-of-the-future figures out how
> to do it in the year 2525, he may only be able to send messages back to say
> 2524. This will be no good to us. So if the Screen does not light up
> immeadiately, we are reduced to either waiting like Godot or figuring out
> how to do this oursleves. This is going to be more difficult and more
> costly. In the "Short Shot" scenario we are reduced to flipping a message a
> few seconds back in time, reacting quickly on the massage and exercising a
> rapid call or put trade.
> Not a great deal of money is required either way for the investment side.
> The risk capital required is going to be building the receiver (Less that a
> Million Dollars) to building the Time Transmitter (ask Shrodinger's Cat how
> much this will be - Lots). We are going to need the input of a top notch
> physicist here. I am trying to find one.
> The investment Trust that will be required to structure it correctly for
> Phil-of-the-future to participate must be carefully thought out. So for
> examples he can only get the cash out of our present day profits. He has to
> make the signal success to get in . However if he does do it, Billions
> await him and the good news is that he knows that he or someone after him
> will succeed because the cash is already there!
Jimmy Shadbolt wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> looks to me like you're just redefining the grandfather paradox!
> If your receiver starts picking up signals then we must assume that
> Phil-in-the-future got his pot of gold AND decided to use it all building a
> time machine to send the signals back. But what happens if he takes the money
> and blows it all one one humdinger of a party? That would imply he doesn't
> get to send the signals back, but then he wouldn't get the money. I suppose
> we have to assume that the party was so good that the morning after he can't
> remember any of it, so he doesn't realise he didn't get the money and that
> the party never actually happened!
> Jimmy
The grandfather paradox is a corollary of time travel not a negative supposition. No one says that once we have time travel we will not live in really weird world, but no more so than the present in which we daily have to witness Young's Double Slit experiment. What the grandfather paradox does tell us is that we will never have time travel before today. This is an a posteriori outcome. There simply is no evidence in our past of it. This says nothing about future time travellers arriving in our future.

I have been putting some thought into the financial motivations for Phil-of-the-Future. I will cover this separately, but in summary we will need the resources of investment trust managers, that will guarantee all parties their rights. As I have said earlier the Morlock Project will require the input of a number of cross disciplines including physics, engineering, investments analysis, investment trust, computer comms and financial modelling.

There are two DISTINCT outcomes:

1) The preferred outcome, that once one we construct the receiver, the signals arrive immediately. For this to happen we will have to think through the consequences carefully. This requires us dealing with the Grandfathers Paradox. Personally I think this will be done in a SINGLE transaction. Phil-of-the Future sends us a single signal, we take $ 100 Million out of the market and then we close the project. It would be extremely unwise to retain it or keep the receiver open after that time. $ 100 Million is a bit more than squashing a butterfly, but with the right financial instruments it will go almost unnoticed. No future government or even present government is going to allow us to keep on rearranging capitalism. This will contain the event to a single closed loop event that should not directly harm anyone.

In the Grandfather paradox I would be more concerned by events like Phil-of -the Future sends us closing Dow prices and as a result of our trades, we change the final day close. Now that is like squashing a 1000 butterflies. This is why we are going to need a team of investment analysts to help us with this one.

2) The less preferred outcome. Where the screen does not light up immediately. We can try a few adjustments to the protocol,. but then if that does not yield a result, we are faced with the unfortunately problems of having to figure out the transmitter ourselves - a duanting task to say the least. For this we are going to need a top line physics team. I am still trying to get hold of Ronald Mallet the arch proponent of Time Travel, but he has not answered any of these emails. Either he has figure out how to do this himself and no longer needs us, or he has realised it is not possible and is embarrassed by being associated with the idea, or he is having a J Robert Oppenheiner moment realising what happens when you unleash people like us onto an unsuspecting word.

Back to the less preferred out come...

All the investment trust stuff falls away, because it is is OURSELVES that are going to be sending back the signal to ourselves. The problems shifts from sorting out the balance of equity between all parties, to one of actually constructing a time transmitter. The two scenarios are so different as to be separate projects. Sweet Jesus - let the first outcome be the the outcome.

In the second scenario, all my fears of distance come into play. Even with my limited understanding of Physics, I think distance is going to be a major factor. It is easier to send a space craft to the moon than to Alpha Centori. Even if we are successful at this we are looking at a ling projected attempt. We are like only able to move the messages a few seconds. But a few seconds is enough to exercise automatic trades. Jimmy this is where you come in.
Andy Stadler wrote this:

Actually, I am deeply invested in this technology. The article you have sent is the old version of the way it happens. Modern, hi-tech research now uses atomic vibration as the portal. As you may know, when certain atoms in the universe are modified locally, all exact similes of this atom change in the same instant. By attaching other atoms (like human ones) to the original atom one can perform space travel and therefore space-time travel. Look its a bit complicated to go into depth on this now but just trust me. If you would like to sell up everything and invest, just let me know. I am sure we can give you options on a fraction of a share. Let me know and I will send you my account details.
Setting up a Transmitter is a really complicated process and I would be surprised if anyone was
"deeply invested in this technology". For the best account of this read Time Travellor by Ronal Mallet. As a sobering thought, read the Chronology Protection Conjecture by Stehen Hawking. A Time Transmitter is no simple matter.

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