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Dear Philip,

I read what your God-believing colleague wrote. I'm a Duch humanosopher and the origins of our God belief is my speciallity. 
Normal animals don't believe in concepts. God is one of the many consequences of our earliest ancestors becoming linguistic. I name them here OEAs, living in little bands of bonobo-like apemen somewhere in what is now Ethiopia, in a woodland environment. When? I suppose some 4.5 million years ago. 
Linguisticallity  means that they, then still normal animals, began to enrich their body language communication with names for things. That started with sign symbols. Not for things that they got aware with their senses, in a stimulus/reponse way, but things that they had in mind.
Think of the Hints game: showing what you have in mind with gestures. At least: this is my speculation, my 'informed guess' ... better speculation than the 'sudden gen mutation' of most scientists. [A humanosopher is not a  scientist, it is a philosopher who gathers as much scientific data as possible, to use it for our Big Story]
It started with nothing, and it remained many generations a little. But the initial girls' game was an enrichment of their communication so it stayed and it expanded. And it changed the OEAs. Because having names for things does something to an animal. It does five things.
Aarch!! This becomes a much too long post for a blog! Can you do something yourselve? On my website I tell this story much better than I can do this here in a nutshell. And I have to go to bed now.
Can I have a response from you, Philip? I promise you an interesting discussion. Because you are an interesting man.

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Comment by Philip Copeman on February 20, 2020 at 9:16am

Probably easier on facebook.

a couple of points on the timeline. The last 10 years has seen the discovery of more human species - Naledi in the last 200,000 years. Monotheistic gods are very recent. In South Africa, there were no monotheistic gods until the Europeans brought them 300 years ago.

n summary I agree with you in terms of language and symbols, but not that monotheism is intrinsic to our thinking, it has been culturally forced on us. In Africa, it has been a theological genocide.

I will look at your site.

Comment by F.J. COUWENBERGH on February 20, 2020 at 11:46pm

  And then you will see how all 'inventions' that made us from apme-men into humans, have been female inventions from the very beginning (and even earlier, because the OEAs were bonobo-like -- and not chimpanzee-like. The bonobo-like ancestors of the chimpanzees became cgimpanzees since the start of the ice ages from 250 mya on. At least 20 up and down movements of reductions and extensions of their habitats, with survival battles of their communities with every contraction. War makes men important. It has turned the chimps into machist combatants.
The habitat of the bonobos, however, lies exactly on the equator and has always remained a refuge. So among them the women remained high in status.  
With our ancestors, the leading status of women has been maintained until, from 50,000 years ago, when more and more food paradise overpopulations emerged, and men became important to us too. But since men are not equipped to exert power, that has gone from bad to worse. Now we have been living in a man's world for 5000 years. But our human nature, formed in 5 million years, is like a submerged cork that comes up wherever it gets the chance. And that chance is getting bigger in our free west.
Monotheism is only an Iron age phenomenon, getting its malicious form from 622 BC in Jeruzalem. Come on, Philip.

Comment by F.J. COUWENBERGH on November 24, 2020 at 8:55pm

And, Philip, did you look om my website And can you tell already something here about it?


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