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The First Amendment for the Constitution of South Africa

The First Amendment for the Constitution of South Africa


Philip Donald van der Riet Copeman


11 November 2016

Sponsoring Parties

South African Parliament, 90% Majority. ANC, DA, EFF, Cope, PAC


South Africa has now had 20 years as a Democracy, much progress has been made, but some flaws have been made. The Parties, in terms of the South Africa Constitution now wish to make an amendment that is done in the interest of advancing the poorest of our citizens. Previous ammendments have been corrections, we intend here to take real remedial action.

Settle the Land Issue

Every qualifying adult citizen may apply for a Land Grant. Such land is to be made available outside of the Guateng and Cape Town Districts,which are declared Economic Development Zones. Clear limits are placed on future claims.

Universal Income Grant

En Lieu of the above Land Grant, all Citizens are offered a Universal Income Grant. No age, gender or race limitations are applied. No one may apply for an extension to this grant particularly on the basis of race tribe, gender or religion.

Reduced Government

Representative Government is reduced by 75%. Parliament is moved to Guateng. Provinces are reduced to 4.

Limit Representation

No Citizen may serve in Representative Government for longer than 8 years, irrespective of position served. Citizens completing their service are restrained from membership in political parties, employment in Government Organizations or SEOs. Representative Government Service does not carry a pension. No political party may serve for longer than 12 consecutive years in any level of government In the event of a political party serving12 years in an legislative class, it must be excluded from the next representative election. Serving members of such a party, who have not served a full 8 years, are also disqualified from further representation.

Government employees or Employees of SEOs are not subject to 8 year limitation, provided they do not serve more than 4 years as a representative.

End Race Qualification

All Racially Qualified Empowerment is disallowed. Employment equity legislation is repealed.

Outlaw the Deficit

No Deficit financing may be used. Parliament may not approve a budget deficit. In the event of a realized Government Deficit, immediate remedy is a compulsory snap election, standing representatives are disqualified from further representation.

Any Directors of State Owned Enterprises who return a negative capital growth are immediately terminated and disqualified from further SOE directorships.

Employees of SOEs may be retrenched if Capital is reduced.

Limit personal tax

Introduce a maximum personal tax limit


Introduce a 100% (equal to the GDP/Tax Multiplier) tarriff on offshore supplier payments and capital gains payments.

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