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I would like to talk about #termlimits how they can help democracies world wide and highlight how they can solve the current political position in South Africa.

Term limits is a global movement that wants the current constitutional term limits on Presidents extended. To set an example for the world, I am suggesting that this is how we should play it in South Africa:…


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1)A great many evils were perpetrated in the colonial period, none greater than the murder of 26,000 Afrikaners and their supporters in the 1900 Anglo Boer War. The economic mismanagement and growth underperformance caused by the Glen Grey, The Land Acts had far reaching implications for the underdevelopment of South Africa. The brunt of these mischievous deeds were born by black South Africans in that period.

2) It is time for Helen Zille, along with all the other elected…


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