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OK PAC here is my offer for 2017. If we are going to win in 2019 we are going to need to make some changes:

We have to focus on the positive.

Voters will not follow negative narratives.

Its a liberation not a revolution.

There is only one race, the human race.

Deal with the rich. They may not have the vote, but they do determine the outcome of elections.

You can't make the poor richer by making the rich poorer. When you threaten to force the rich to give up privilege, you lose all credibility. We weren't able to do it last time and this time they have the ANC on their side. We want to industrialize. That means that we have to deal with Capital. Attacking Capital does not make us richer and simply isolates us. A political campaign without Capital is doomed before it starts.

To win you have to promise the voters a handout, and stick to the promise.

South Africans are not xenophobic, we can keep the goal of a united Africa. They just won't accept a one sided immigration policy, where we end up propping up dictatorships.

The Land issue is a non zero sum game. If we solve the Land issue, we all win.

Draft Manifesto

South African private citizens earn less than Government workers and we pay around 30 % of what we make in tax, VAT, Income Tax, Fuel levy, Monopoly electricity. Even those on minimum wage can pay as much as 25% of their income in tax. When we stop working, unless by private means we can expect nothing from our Government, no pension, no payout. At best a few of us will receive a minimal stipend.

Politicians on the other hand are paid handsomely and can expect a lifetime of payouts, long after the have stopped going to lunches. They spend their hours at work arguing over petty party politics, but there is one thing they always agree on, their salary increases. This imbalance has now become so overwhelming that we spend 80% of our tax collections to the benefit of less than 10% of our citizens. This payout goes mostly to the members of the ANC and DA.

It is time for change.

It is time for the liberation to benefit all South Africans.

We promise that within 100 days of us taking power, every South African will receive either a Land Grant or a Basic Income Grant. How will we pay for it? We are going to cut the Government Salary Bill by R 500Bn. We are going to pay the tax directly to the masses. We don't threaten private Land owners, our Government owns enough Land for distribution. By finally solving the Land Issue, we are going to offer businesses a bright and stable future that they can grow, our taxes can grow and we can all thrive.

If you choose it, your Liberation is 100 days away – Vote PAC 2019

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