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State of the Nation

South Africa, 10 February 2017

Jacob Zuma -       SONA State of the Nation Address 

Philip Copeman - Answering

"The Land First the Rest shall Follow" - PAC of Azania

Most of Presidents Zuma's SONA delivered to a House emptied to the converted faithful, was a dreamy wishlist with little explanation of execution. The Emperor has no clothes and no amount of theatrics can convince a rational mind otherwise. There is one benefit to scraping the bottom of the economic barrel. Finally we get around to addressing the Land Issue in South Africa.

As a Capitalist and Pan Africanist I have for some time urged the necessity of resolving the Land Issue. Once parties involved understand that the Land Issue is a Non Zero Sum Game, then resolving it is actually a rational solution. By coming up with a system that guarantees private ownership and tenure and shares this privilege with all Africans, there is a bigger pie to split and we all become better off.  The problems come up when people associate into Political Parties, Racial Tribes, Religious Parishes and then attempt to use these demarcations to extract a preferential treatment - "A Chosen Land for the Chosen People", where "The Chosen" does not include ALL Africans.

Sadly Parliament is not going solve this for us.

The problem that besets us as South Africans is that we stand today as a house divided. It is the tyranny of the majority versus the self righteous exasperation of the minority. According to the Opposition and the Judiciary, our President has breached his Oath of Office. The Parliamentary Representatives of the ANC have breached their Oaths of Office by supporting him. By implication the whole Parliamentary process is now invalid. The Opposition argument is that The ANC and its members are behaving criminally. The Argument of the ANC is that they represent the majority and the opinions of the Judiciary are not binding and can be over ridden by the majority  The debate can simply not be argued rationally, for no man can understand a logical argument when his salary depends on not understanding it. A swamp of self interest coagulates into cohorts eager to use litigation, theology and racism  to coerce largess from the system.

What is required is a Universal Income and Land Grant; Term limits for Politicians and a commitment to eliminating the Deficit. What we need is a CODESA 2.0 in which the restricted vision of the Drafters of the first CODESA can be updated to the benefit of the African People in the 21st Century. Alternately the ANC, DA and EFF must sit down together and modify the Constitution. A tough one because we are asking them to put South Africa first and they have to date shown us no inclination to do that.

We should begin with the understanding that the Apartheid Incumbents and the ANC have had their sunset clause. We have allowed Groups to benefit at the cost to the African people. It is time to limit the tenure of politicians. Key to ensuring that self interested groups do not form again - introduce Term Limits. In particular the rule that applies to restrict the term of the President should be extended to include ALL representatives. That means that anybody that has served for two terms or more is now excluded from further representation. Not only are they restricted from representation, they are also restricted from participating in political parties.

The Executive and The Directors of State Companies must be given strict Targets on whealth accumulation and the penalty for not protecting and enchancing State Assets is immediate dismissal.

Can our leaders come together and make decisions that benefit South Africa as a whole and not themselves or groups they may represent? The outcome of that choice is the State of Our Nation.

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