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Adamastor or a storm in a Tea cup?

Granted, when it comes to the Deficit, I am more jumpy than a project manager on a new extension at Nkandla, but consider these three estimates of the South African Deficit.

1) This is a press release from SARS chief, Tim Moyane as reported by…


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Description of a Sclerotic Monopoly

Description of a Sclerotic Monopoly with reference to ESKOM,

Municipal Distributors, IEPPs and South Africa

Philip Copeman 21 August 2016

Most students of economics learn in first year microeconomics what the effects of a pure monopoly are, namely higher prices and reduced output. For purposes of this discussion on ESKOM and South Africa, I am interested not so much in final demand but in intermediate demand. That is where customers of the output are businesses…


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Students are clambering towards the same trough

In the olden days it was known that if the Jakaranda blossoms were blooming in Pretoria and you hadn't started swatting, you were going to fail. Those destined for failure, 1 in 2 students, would descend into a morass of drunkenness and debauchery, to lap up the last days of freedom, before sobering up and getting a lowly paid wage at a local employer and living out the rest of her days in capitalist slavery.…


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The Trans Rhodesian Rail Company

This satirical look at applied economics, describes dystopian problems and offers mathematically optimized solutions. With no regard for race, gender, religious belief, social ideology and with a particular animosity to those that promote the rights of groups, The Trans Rhodesian Rail Company sparks towards its destiny as one of Africa's premier wealth creators.…


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