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Blaming Capitalism for poverty is like blaming psychology for suicides.

Capitalism is not about harming others, it is a methodology to produce. Capitalism is not perfect, but only consumers blame capitalism for their unfulfilled wants. Real producers understand the demands of capital. The idea that capitalists are not generous and sharing is an anathema to me. By definition, Capitalists give up their own consumption to invest resources into production. You are mistaking the want of the consumers to consume today without saving for tomorrow.

Capitalists appear to be harsh because they save and most importantly they invest. Consumers would have them spend those resources frivolously. No saving means no investment, means asking someone else to do your investing for you. Even when Capitalists do spend money on lavish items they are admonished. To most capitalists investing is more importnat than consuming. Their expenditure mare seen indulgent, but it is usually with a great deal more restraint than the99% who are inclined to spend it all and then some. Even so, every luxurious expense incurred by a rich person has a corresponding income benefit to a provider or supplier.

Consumers (Socialist ones at least) would have us believe that there is mythical place where we all work and we all share equally in the output. These comments are usually from people who work in jobs or have secure incomes. The truth of production is that very few people have the stomach and courage for profit. This is a figure close to 1% of the population. Yet it is these few that carry the burden of ensuring production. It is disingenuous to resent the successful few, when one does not even count the many that have bravely tried and failed in markets.

The best thing you can do for the 99% is not be part of them.

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