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We are lost.

We are adrift at sea.

Our Captain he has lost his mind -

Oh deary deary dea!

Minister Gigaba – I am pleased that you have learned to read a telepromt in your first few months in office. I would have preferred that you spent the time understanding the gravity of the problem. Those budget numbers must be really confusing. You are unable to act, unable to articulate the problem and you merely to mouth the words of some unidentified speech writers, who clearly have no solution to offer, other than a vague proposal to keep the political power status quo.

This has to be the first time in 40 years that I recall that opposition parties break with the tradition of defending the FM. Lekota got it,”Clearly I don't know what he is talking about, there is no plan here.”.

The EFF must be commended for walking out . The rest of the parliamentarians should be ashamed to be paid to listen to this offering. Any PAC member that sat through your ineptitude, cannot be my representative.

Minister Gigaba – you are trading insolvently. The claims on Government now exceed the ability to pay out. By your own numbers the deficit is now rising faster than the forecast revenue collections. You are forecasting that things will get worse than they are now. It is not acceptable to have no plan turn around the boat.

It is that moment that every financial director dreads, when you have to go int the boss and tell him that the game is up. It is time to stop lying to the creditors. We have few options but to liquidate the position. Every day wasted makes the remedy more painful. Do we really need to explain what comes next?

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