Philip Copeman

Author and Activist

I awoke this morning to the realities of christian tyranny.

In one swift sweep of their dark wings, the demons of the lord have snuffed out freedom and our world has become engulfed in shadows of madness. Giant Bats fly freely under the noonday sun.

After 60 days of dutifully following the christians around the lockdown desert,  starving the virus their god sent us, I am left watching my flock, legally denied from following their dreams, to be told to pursue this orchestrated stumbling through the jamboree that is the universe. The beast  sends his priests to seduce them with scraps and temp  them with bleak offerings.

Faced with this bleak wasteland,

I found myself seeking comfort,

dusting off a book  not recently opened,

“The Sermons of Philip”.

I have begun editing the second edition...

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