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What they forgot to teach you at the Wits Business School

Any WBS Graduate would stand up with alarm on hearing the recent events surrounding the falling student numbers and management resignations at WBS. The reason? WBS Graduates have much of their Capital tied to the destiny of the WBS. A successful WBS contributes to the success of all Students and Partners.

The current reset-and-go opportunity at the WBS, endorsed by Vice Chancellor Adam Habib gives us all a moment to readdress the mission and help create a successful WBS structure. Here is my contribution to where the WBS should be going:

Open the doors to the best. With a GMAT of 96% and little else, I entered the WBS, the youngest in my class as an impoverished aspirant Capitalist. I worked as a waiter to pay my entrance fees. I shared the Nedbank Medal with Colin Firer and John Clements. Instead of using the sponsorship to settle my fees, I gambled it on shares, took the profits into a property development, exited and paid my outstandings out of the change. Before I left the WBS I was already on my way to making my first million. From there the growing network of business associates that I met through the WBS enabled me to multiply this many times over and even list on the JSE. Without the financial support and opportunities presented by WBS Partners, this would not have been possible for me.

Create a working community. What I learned at WBS enabled me to develop a career in software used globally by millions. Today I own TurboCASH Accounting, the world's leading open source accounting project for SMEs and I get to work with some of the cleverest developers in the world. The TurboCASH Project with over 100 000 users in 88 countries and 25 languages currently manages over $ Bn in turnover. My career in self financed research was only possible because I enrolled at the WBS.

Get a great CEO. Business Policy 101, as taught by Andy Andrews states quite clearly that the Organisation will take on the character of the Chief Executive Officer. With the exception of Andrews and Nick Binnedel, the CEOs of WBS have been faceless for 30 years. You cannot expect a Student to give up their time or a Partner to give up their Capital to an organisation led by a CEO that has never figured out how to make an honest $ 10 Million.

The WBS is elite. A Great CEO would embody the Spirit of Entrepreneurship, Capital Accumulation and Wealth Creation. Such a person would understand that our elite Students and Partners join us because they want to become or stay part of the 1%. At the WBS we clearly acknowledge that the world global economy is dominated by 1%. There are many other places where you can deal with the plight of the 99%, at the WBS we deal with the 1%. We know that the best thing we can do for the 99% is to be part of the 1%.

Maximise the output of Capital. Economics shows us that the balance of modern productivity is skewed heavily in favour of Capital and Technology. The dominant 1% are those people and businesses that are able to manage Capital, grow Capital and pay their Taxation. They do this with the proposition that it is possible to produce goods of the highest quality, for the lowest price and to distribute this production in such a way that the wealth of all members of society is maximised. This is the red line from which we defend Capitalism.

The WBS is the World Leader in African Capital. Marketing 101 tells you that to position yourself as a market leader has many benefits. We are the Boiler Room of African Capital. WBS will give you access to the best brains and the best research in African Capital. WBS roadmaps will empower you, guide you and connect you to the best Partners.

Promote open technologies. These methods represent the best way to apply Technology in modern Capitalism. They also give Partners the best channels to participate in Capital growth.

Build Capital. Our research, teaching and outreach partnerships will build Capital for Wits, our Students and our Partners. Our doors are open to the best. We caution you that once inside the WBS, you can check out, even cash in, but you can never leave.

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