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May 2016 Blog Posts (3)

Land Issue Update

South Africa, see if you can get this :

In the last two years, we have already taken back one third of the Land! We only have to do this two more times and we have taken everything.

In the last two years the Dollar Value of Land in South Africa decreased by around 30% (one thi rd rounded).

Where did it go?

It went into:…


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White Monopoly Capital

Why do I find this particular arrangement of words so offensive?

Well mostly because they are written by non capitalists with the intent of attacking capitalists, it is a particularly South African slang usually spewed out by politicians, academics, government employees and beneficiaries of state payments. It seeks to demean the efforts and achievements of tax paying entrepreneurs.…


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You can't create jobs

You can't create jobs

When will you guys get it? You can't create jobs!

You can't make money from some tax payer and pay it over to a worthy worker, without first taking it away from some other worthy worker first. You can't make a company employ a worthy worker, without getting that money from another worthy worker already working in the company. You can't take money from some heinous capitalist…


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